In addition to beauty, these are some of the goals of trimming trees that are already too shady

Plants that are around your house should be treated and maintained properly. This is because there are some dangers that you can feel if the plants are left too high and shady. Visit the website to get the best treatment for your tree.

The one thing they do is prune the trees that are too shady. There are several benefits of trimming trees that are too shady.

– Regulate and direct the growth Pruning is intentionally done if we want to maintain the natural shape of the plant concerned. It may happen that some plants may be less receptive to the sun, because it is blocked by walls, for example. Thus the parts of the plants that acquire enough sunlight will grow faster, and the original form of the plant canopy began to be irregular. At a time like this is the plant needs to be trimmed so that the shape look remains as expected. Can also pruning is done because we want the shape of the plant that is different from its natural form.

– Stimulate the growth of flowers and fruit
Naturally, the plant has the properties to survive when the branches or branches are deliberately cut or trimmed. This can be seen in plants such as frangipani, glass plate, and yellow. After cut / trimmed, in a time that is not too long, at the cutting location will burst more than one new branch bud, which of course later give branches and more flowers and also more fruit.

– Save the plant

 Unexpectedly, sometimes the plants we care about actually become the source of the spread of disease for other plants. Pest problems such as lice, caterpillars, snails, ants, and grasshoppers who like to storm and devour leaves, stems, flowers, even plant roots, can be overcome with pesticides. But if the plant is attacked by diseases caused by fungi, bacteria or viruses are contagious, do not hesitate to cut or trim the affected part of the disease feared will spread on other plants. If you need to cut out at the base of the branch, leave the main stem.

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