Recognize the Characteristics of Children Before Taking It Following the Contest

When introducing a race to a child, it helps you to give an understanding that the race is not just expecting a medal. You should also teach that the race is something important that can bring good impact. A good medal will be available at

However, before enrolling a child to participate in a race, parents should also take note of the following points, so that the child can channel and manage his competitive soul well

1. Recognize Child Character
The child’s temperament needs to be considered before encouraging him to join the race. Think whether your child is a confident child to appear in public, or she is a shy child and will be nervous when following the race. If your baby is a shy type, you can replace the word ‘singing contest’ with ‘singing performance’.

2. Select Compatible Competition
The next thing to do is to choose a race that matches the interests, abilities, and age of the child. Thus, the child will be more confident and enjoy following the race.

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