Why does lighting important for selfies?

hy does lighting important for selfies?

The way the camera works basically mimics the process of seeing eye objects. The light in its spectral variety is the capital of the human eye to see objects, from the light reflected by it and caught by the retina of the eye. Phenomena that are triggered by light-like rainbows, auroras, and sun halos-use the same principle, but the reflectors are small particles in the air. Therefore, to get a photo as close to the original will depend on the ability of the camera to catch the light. In the meantime, you may go to to find high-quality ring lights for selfies.

When the camera lens is exposed to too much light then the image will be overexposure. Conversely, the lack of light captured by the camera sensor will make the photo underexposure.

The front camera of the phone that is identical with the selfie is not an exception to that principle. Moreover, now selfie has become a global phenomenon. “(Today), every day there are 93 million selfie photos taken from one billion mobile phones with the Android operating system,” said Senior Vice President at Google, Sundar Pichai

The outbreak of this selfie phenomenon inevitably makes camera phone manufacturers continue to clean up. Therefore, no wonder if there is now a front camera phone already has a 16-megapixel resolution with 1 / 3.1 sensor and f / 2.0 openings. Not enough with the high-specification lens, camera phone made for selfie lovers also pinned additional supporting features. In this section, among others, there are Beautify 4.0, flash screen, and various filters.

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